Forever Stamp Add-On - Eight (8) First Class Stamps from a 10 Stamp Sheet

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Forever Stamps Add-On - Free Combined Shipping with your regular Gateway Order

1 Sheet of 8 Forever Stamps (68 cents each = $5.44 retail) for only $4.99

New retail value of 8 Forever Stamps will be $5.84 after the price hike on July 14th from 68 cents each to 73 cents each.

This offering on at $4.99 equates to 62.4 cents each, which will be a savings of more than 14.5%.

The stamps for St. Louis, MO and New Orleans, LA will be removed.

By adding these sheets to your Gateway order, you are helping us accumulate more of the two stamps that we can use for future projects in St. Louis and New Orleans.

This sale is not meant for stamp collectors.   

In 2022, the USPS released the Mississippi River Stamp sheet.  It includes a lot of incredible stamps, highlighted by views of the St. Louis Riverfront and the bridges of New Orleans.  Unfortunately, these two stamps can not be purchased individually, so we must purchase the entire sheets of 10 to get those 2 stamps.