Derek Jeter Autographs (Refundable Deposit) Gateway Stamp Envelope - New York Yankees

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Delivery could take 6 to 7 MONTHS!!  Please read the full disclaimer below regarding these Refundable Deposit items.


Player(s):  Derek Jeter Autographs

Events:  From the 1996 World Series to his Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Bio:  New York Yankees – Baseball Hall Of Fame Class of 2020

Retail Price:  $699.95 Refundable Deposit 


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The number of envelopes available is the approximate number currently available at the Florida location where shipping is expected within 1 to 5 business days.



Legends Memorabilia Collection (formerly Major League Baseball Alumni Marketing) is facilitating this signing for us.  They are at the mercy of both Major League Baseball and Derek Jeter himself.  Both MLB and Jeter determine when the signings take place and how many autographs are allotted to Legends.  This means that Gateway is in the same boat.

There may be a signing in late September or early October, but it is too late for us to participate.  Legends Memorabilia has stated that they already have more Jeter items than they expect to be allocated.

We have been advised that the most likely signing timeline for us is Spring Training of 2023. 

Therefore, if you plan on putting down the $699 Refundable Deposit, we ask for patience while we all wait for word on any time updates.  Your deposit will be the financial source that we use to pay for the autographs, so if you change your mind, an immediate refund may not be available for a few weeks.