2015 World Series KC Royals Set of 5 Gateway Stamp Envelopes w/ Autograph Options

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NEW offering on GatewayStamp.com!  The 2015 World Series is currently only being offered as a Kansas City Royals set or as a New York Mets set.

The prices you see in the dropboxes are for the unsigned set + the chosen autograph(s).  

Event:  2015 World Series - Kansas City Royals vs. the New York Mets


Game 1 – Stadium Art Piece

Game 2 – Johnny Cueto

Game 3 – Eric Hosmer

Game 4 – Salvador Perez

Game 5 – Kansas City Royals Group Celebration


Full 2015 World Series Set:  $50

Autograph Options:

Game 1: add Ned Yost $49



The number of envelopes available to sell is not necessarily the number created.  It is merely the approximate number currently available at the Florida location where shipping is expected within 1 to 5 business days.