Nuxhall, Joe 50th Anniversary Youngest Player In MLB - Unauto. Troops Clear Saipan Stamp

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Joe Nuxhall 50th Anniversary Youngest Player In MLB History.  On June 10, 1944 Four Days After D-Day, The 15-Year-Old-Left-Hander Made His Major League Debut With The Cincinnati, Reds.  Nuxhall’s Appearance Was Partially Caused By A Shortage Of MLB Players’ Serving In WWII. Going Against The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, He Got Only One Out, Gave Up Five Walks, Two Hits, A Wild Pitch, And The Cards Got To Him For Five Runs.  After That Appearance, Nuxhall Went Back To High School Where He Could Brag To All The Girls He Had Pitched In A Major League Baseball Game For His Hometown Reds, Became An All-state Basketball And football player, And To The Minors For Several Years.  Unautographed   (NOTE: We Used A Special Set Of 10 WWII Stamps That Many Have Never Seen.  I Will List Each One Seperately So Each Customer Gets The Stamp(s) Wanted.) 

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