We at Gateway Stamp Company are happy to be ambassadors to the world for authentic autographs from some of the world's most prominent sports and political figures.  Many of you will notice the time has come that we have made our 1644 St. Rt. 2839, Dixon, KY, address the permanent home of Gateway.  Our logo remains the same; we still have strong ties to the St. Louis area; and we will always be St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and St. Louis Blues fans, although Rose and I both have deep roots in Texas (Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers), Wooster, Ohio, (Cleveland), and Pontiac, Michigan, where we met and were married as devoted Detroit Tiger, Lions, and Red Wing fans. We still have our silks printed in St. Louis, because we get a highly dedicated and professional job.  

Gateway has provided collectors over 700,000 personal autographs over the last 38 years, but we have never considered ourselves "autograph dealers." Even though we are a "stamp company," we have seldom dealt in stamps, even though that was our original plan. Instead, you are now being introduced to what has become one of the world's most unique collections and best kept secrets in autograph collecting. Gateway has combined the very best in art, color photographs, history, and personal autographs, resulting in a fantastic series of over 1,000 full-color silk cachets envelopes, providing joyous memories and value to thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America, in some homes overseas, and even some ships at sea.

Lou BrockGateway's vast list of clients providing authentic autographs began with former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder and Hall of Famer Lou Brock. Gateway created a set of envelopes postmarked in the city where he tied and broke Ty Cobb's all-time stolen base record, which was to be only a one-time idea. Gateway asked Lou to sign only 100 envelopes, but he countered our proposal with the offer to sign 2,500. When advertised in THE SPORTING NEWS, Gateway's full-color silk cachet envelopes postmarked August 29, 1977, in San Diego, CA, and personally AUTOGRAPHED by Lou Brock, became an immediate smash. Discovered quite by accident, the response to our first issue taught us that sports and autograph collectors around the United States were receptive to a new form of art, history and collectibility - the full-color silk cachet envelope.


Whitey Ford To become acquainted with Gateway, every customer must understand the words, "full-color silk cachet." The dictionary defines the word "cachet" as a message or design on an envelope marking a postal event. In our case, "full-color silk" refers to the very delicate material into which the very finest in original art and action photography are printed, bringing to life the whole purpose of the envelope. Once printed, each silk is applied BY HAND very carefully and lovingly. In essence, every cachet envelope becomes a hand crafted work of art. Our original head artists, Mr. Bill Perry & Mr. Bill Wilson were among the world's best portrayers of human likeness. We now use another great artist Mr. Gary Thomas, I think you will agree that his work is outstanding in every way. Then we use B. Scott Forst, our stadium artist, has few peers preserving detailed architecture of America's ballparks. His stadium work appears in every World Series set (1978-1996), All-Star editions, and Stadium editions produced by Gateway. (SEE BASEBALL CATALOG, Stadium Issues listed after player issues).

The vast majority, however, of Gateway's silks are actual game photographs. Being in the right place at the right time, Gateway has captured hundreds of record-breaking events and memorable moments, including no-hitters, historic swings of the bat, such as Pete Rose's all-time hit record in Cincinnati, Reggie Jackson's 500th home run, and Kirk Gibson's climactic 1988 World Series homer. Our full-color action photos preserve and deliver the real sense of history, along with the fluid writing skill of Gateway's editors.


The key to EVERY Gateway project is the postmark. As avid stamp collectors, we can tellanyone THE BEST WAY TO MARK A DATE IN HISTORY IS WITH A POSTMARK. In order to capture any date in history, our stamped envelopes MUST be in Postal Service hands byMIDNIGHT of the date involved, or we forever lose access to the all-important postmark. Many times a representative of Gateway has boarded a flight from St. Louis, stamping envelopes on the go, in order to reach a city's post office before midnight, especially where no-hitters occurred. Some we missed, and others were acquired with the feverish dedication of far-off Gateway customers, often working with less than a hour's notice. Gateway has always tried to acquire enough postmarks to provide every customer a record of every major event. Sometimes, however, short notice has restricted our ability to acquire sufficient numbers of postmarks to satisfy every customer, resulting in true scarcities and some exciting auctions. Not only are postmarks the most official means of dating a Gateway envelope, the rules governing the granting of postmarks GUARANTEE that NO Gateway issue can EVER be reproduced, reprinted, or re-issued in any way. In some emergency cases,we have used Pitney Bowes cancellations for dating purposes.


Gateway is a rare breed. We could have made mountains of money through the years if we tried to maximize our returns on every new issue. We could have deliberately created scarcities by which to take advantage of our customers through auctions. That goes every bit against our purpose for existence. Our first and most important goal has been the preservation of history over the long haul. We introduce every new product at moderate introductory prices to enable our dedicated customers to afford not just ONE but EVERY Gateway envelope, thus creating a long and fabulous collection of personally autographed records of the last twenty years' most important sporting events. We love to see our $24.95 products eventually rise in value to hundreds of dollars IN THE HANDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS. Once an original issue of 500 - 1,500 sells out, we have NO CONTROL over the secondary market. Most of our GATEWAY'S SOLD OUT CATALOG, issues have HAPPY HOMES. People hate to let go of them, and many are already considered family heirlooms. When you look at GATEWAY'S BASEBALL CATALOG, you can still take advantage of hundreds of products at low prices. When you look at our SOLD-OUT CATALOG, you will begin to see how the Gateway collection has become not only one of the most enjoyable collections of autographed material, but one of the most valuable. Comparing autographed Gateways to autographed photos or other memorabilia is like comparing apples to oranges. The key to gauging the value of a Gateway envelope is first recognizing the now-famous Gateway "Gold Arch" logo with "Gs" on the inside. That logo guarantees the source and authenticity of every envelope. While most Gateways are unnumbered, this company can verify every stated edition size by Postal Service records. When it comes to the authenticity of our autographs, we have a long and trusted relationship with sports, political, and other celebrities that guarantees us access. We have an uncompromising policy here: "IF FOR ANY REASON A CELEBRITY IS UNWILLING OR UNABLE TO PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPH OUR ENVELOPES, WE WANT NOTHING ON THEM AT ALL." It's just that simple! It is Gateway's dedication to principle that has enabled us to expand that first Lou Brock edition into hundreds of all-time classic editions, including our association with FOUR U.S. PRESIDENTS (GERALD FORD, JIMMY CARTER, GEORGE H.W. BUSH AND GEORGE W. BUSH), as well as former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. What is available from our Website today is a look into our past and avails you a tremendous opportunity to acquire yesterday's history at still-favorable prices. Purchasing any Gateway envelope automatically ensures your opportunity for tomorrow's history at original prices.



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