Bell, "Cool Papa"

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50th Anniversary Of The 1st Negro League All-Star Game Set - Postmarked In Chicago, IL (1983).  There were 1,000 of these issued, 975 were autographed, "Cool Papa Bell" and 25 were autographed "James "Cool Papa' Bell. This set includes "Cool Papa" Bell - A, Judy Johnson- A, Buck Leonard - A, Oscar Charleston U and Josh Gibson U.  We included Rube Foster - U in this set even though his envelope was postmarked on his Hall of Fame Induction (1981). The "A" and "U" after each name indicites if the envelope was autographe or unautographed.  We still have some Buck Leonard autographs in stock that were signed AFTER his stroke.  He signed 500 before his stroke _right-handed) and those are ALL sold out but we were able to get him to autograph the remaing 500 envelopes after he recoved (left-handed). 



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