Branca, Ralph (50th Ann)

Branca, Ralph (50th Ann)
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Ralph Branca 50th Anniversary Shot Heard "Round" The World (2001).  There Were 150 Created, But 70 Autographs Acquired.  We Also Acquired 30 Branca Autographs On The Bobby Thomson 40th Anniversary Envelope Available For Purchase.

“The Giants Win The Pennant, The Giants Win The Pennant, The Giants Win The Pennant” Rang Out World-Wide On Armed Forces Radio When Bobby Thomson Stepped Up The Plate And Took A Ralph Branca Fastball To Left, Capping A Four-Run Giants Rally To Win The National League Pennant Against The Heart-Broken Brooklyn Dodgers.  Historians’ Accounts Of Tthat Game Conclude Brooklyn Should Have Won It After Taking A 4-1 Lead In The eighth. Dodger manager Charlie Dressen left a tired Don Newcombe start the Ninth, Promptly Giving Up Two Runs.  Dressen Had The Choice Of Carl Erskine Or Ralph Branca To Face Thomson, And Even Though Branca Had Given Up A Game-Losing Homer To Thomson In The First Game Of This Pennant Playoff Series, But Dressen Questioned Erskine’s Bullpen Control, So He Went With Branca.  The Rest Is History.  Thomson Took Branca’s Second Pitch For The Game-Winning Two-Run Homer. 

Many historians Consider It Tthe Most Exciting Play In Baseball History, And Who Can Disagree?

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