Weaver, Jered - Correct (No-Hitter)

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Jered Weaver No-Hitter.  Weaver Struck Out Nine In this Game And Was Only One Walk Shy Of A Perfect Game.  This Is The Correct Version With Only 35 Created Due To A Postal Error On The Ones We Sent.  We Had To Replace The Ones They Postmaked Incorrectly.  We Sent Them 35 Blank Envelopes And Printed The Ones We Already Had So Jered Could Autograph 50 For Us.  It Was Not Until Several Weeks Later That We Discovered We Had Spelled Jered With An A Instead Of An E.  When This Happens We Can't Change It, But In This Case There Are 35 That Will Have Jered Spelled Correctly.  (2012)

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